Men Feminized

Male to female transformation

Swimwear, underwear, shorts and tights that repackage the penis to an extremely realistic looking vagina.

Using special swim and underwear to reshape penises to vaginas.

The Men Feminized site is specifically about male to female transformation as it applies to creating a realistic vagina look, smooth and camel toe pouch. There are no inserts or fake rubber vaginas. All our magic is done using the penis and reshaping it. You not only look like you have a vagina but you feel like you have one too. Men Feminized is extremely targeted on finding you the perfect tights, leggings, swimwear, shorts or underwear to fulfill your dreams. There are hundreds of sites out there to help you with your transformation. I believe you need many sources of information to get the best results. All the designs we work with are made by Koala located in Los Angeles and they ship worldwide. They have been creating feminine realities for many years and are considered the creators of spandex male to female transformation fashions.